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The mission of this website is to create a platform for the collection of case studies in naturopathic healing. The definition of naturopathy is to clear and detox the body so that it can heal itself. The first and foremost intention is to due no harm. There are a variety of healing modalities that can be used to accomplish wellness. Homeopathy, essential oils, light and sound therapy, herbal remedies, are just a sampling off the tools at the disposal of the naturopath.The last 10 years of study has lead me to create a unique approach in my specialty. Although dogs are my first passion, I have learned that their is little I can do for them without the cooperation and participation of the owner/caregiver. My initial approach to a client is to gather information on both the dog and the owner. I can begin to see an illustration of their bond and, with permission, I can communicate with the dog and read their energy patterns. Healing begins in their shared energy fields.

Becoming a naturopath wasn’t about taking classes and learning lots of facts. It became a spiritual awakening that redefined the true meaning of wellness and our relationship to each other, our dogs and the natural world that surrounds us. Each relationship is sacred and I earn my degree with each client that comes to me for help. It is not meant to replace sound veterinary diagnostics, but it may help reduce illnesses and the need for medications and their side effects.


I have been caring for animals for over thirty years, starting with a formal education in Animal Husbandry and Biology. In 1979, I landed my first job as a cruelty agent for the Humane Society of Greater Miami. As a veterinary technician at South Dade Animal Hospital and the South Miami Emergency Clinic, I gained experience and knowledge in medicine and diagnostics. I learned about disease and, most importantly, it’s prevention. In 1985, I took the position of Curator of Natural Sciences at the Museum of Science and History (MOSH) in Jacksonville, Florida. There, I studied the behavior of a variety of reptiles, birds, and mammals and their relationships to the environment. In addition, I became a teacher, writer and advocate for our responsibility to the environment long before ‘going green’ was fashionable.

In 1990, I started my grooming career and earned the title of National Certified Master Groomer (NCMG) in 1992. I had the opportunity to learn and work with the industry’s top professionals and was awarded the title of “Best in Show” at my first grooming competition in 1995. I ran a successful pet sitting and grooming service called New River Pet Sitting Inc. from 1993 to 2006. I relocated to the North Fork of Long Island and opened C-Dogs Unlimited which bring us to the present day.

I earned my Doctorate in Animal Naturopathy in 2013 at Kingdom College of Natural Health (KCNH). I became certified as a specialist in 2015 by the American Society of Animal Naturopaths (ASAN).







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