A Center for Holistic Dog Care and Naturopathic Consulting

     C-Dogs is in the process of evolving from a groom and home boarding service to a naturopathic healing practice for dogs. We are taking bold steps to transform a local company on the North Fork of Long Island, into a consulting venue that can be used by a global community.

Hello, I’m Dr. Carolyn Contois, animal naturopath. My journey, caring for animals, began back in 1979 when I landed my first job as a cruelty agent for the Humane Society of Greater Miami. It was a heart wrenching place to start a career, but I decided that if I could do my best by those that needed it most, then I belonged in this line of work. Sometimes the best I could do for them was to assist them in leaving this world. It taught me that intention and compassion was, by far, the most important qualities to hold on to when despair is staring you in the face. I continued my education both in the classroom and in a succession of jobs. Many of them were in the field of veterinary medicine; animal emergency, surgical nurse and lab technician. In 1984, I became the Curator of Natural Sciences at the Museum of Science and History in Jacksonville, Florida. This was a diverse position full of creativity and discovery. It gave me the opportunity to dive for fish collections, care for injured wildlife, write and teach classes on every topic concerning the environment and our relation to the natural world.

In the 90’s I became a certified master groomer and dog trainer. I started my own business, New River Pet Services in Ft Lauderdale, Florida. When I came back to Long Island, 10 years ago, I started C-Dogs Unlimited and continued my education in animal behavior, communication, and energy healing that has culminated in earning a doctoral degree as an animal naturopath.

It has taken me over 35 years to find a place of balance and understanding when it comes to true wellness. The first revelation? You can’t find it in a pill. Second revelation? Every dog ( and its human counterpart) have a unique relationship. Third Revelation? There is no one answer that fits all.

If you’ve found this website, then, you too, are frustrated with the mainstream answers to the questions about your dog’s health. You don’t feel as though you’re getting the whole picture or that there is something missing in your dog’s life. It may be diet, environment or an inability to understand your companion. All these things lead to confusion and anxiety; just imagine how it makes your dog feel!

Let’s begin this journey of the human/dog relationship. The success of this website will be determined by the stories that are told and the revelations that will be found. Your story may help others find their answers. This is a place for case studies to develop with the ultimate goal of finding your dog’s personal best. Imagine all the possibilities!