Re-Imagining Canine Wellness

What is your definition of a healthy dog? Is he armored in yearly vaccinations and monthly parasite prevention? Does he eat ‘balanced nutrition’ in a bag? 30 years ago, I would have said ‘yes’. After many years working in professional dog care, my answer has changed to a definite ‘no’!

I’m Dr. Carolyn Contois, Animal Naturopath. It has taken me over 35 years to find a place of balance and understanding when it comes to true wellness. The first revelation; you can’t find it in a pill. Second revelation; every dog (and human) is unique. There is no one answer that fits all.

If you have found this website, you too are getting frustrated with the mainstream answers concerning your dog’s health. As a animal naturopath, it is my intention to educate and guide you on a new journey of understanding what wellness can be.

Lets begin this journey of your human/dog bond. Please leaveĀ  your comments and questions. I would like to develop case studies where people come with a problem and learn to find their dog’s personal best.

Thank you for visiting C-Dogs Unlimited